Monday, June 8, 2009

Guess Where I've Been!

I just got back from a wonderful week on the Big Island of Hawaii. Dave and I decided on the spur of the moment (ok, 2 weeks in advance is spur of the moment for us) trip to Kona, Hawaii. It was fantastic! We thought Honolulu would be too crowded this time of year and I really wanted to see the volcano so it was off to Kona we went. The weather was beautiful, in the 80's and no rain except for the last day. I was so not used to the humidity. I kept wanting to take showers to cool off. On Monday I think I took 3 of them altogether. We had a balcony where I spent every morning reading my Bible and it was so peaceful with the sound of the surf in the background. The beaches were mostly lava rock or black sand, very few white sand beaches. We went to the top of Mauna Kea for the sunset above the clouds and stargazing (14,000 feet above sea level). It was weird seeing both the North Star and the Southern Cross in the sky at the same time. We spent all day Thursday on a tour of Volcano National Park and then went on a night time hike to see the lava flow into the ocean. I think that was my favorite day. We also went snorkeling Friday. The fish were gorgeous! I can't think of anything I would have left out. If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend a trip to the Big Island.