Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time Passes

I was thinking as we drove home from NAU today how quickly times passes. It seems like only yesterday that Sherrie was entering Kindergarten. Then there was high school and now she's a sophomore in college. She has grown into a strong, confident and beautiful young lady. She is not only our only daughter but also our youngest child. I know I shouldn't admit this but she is kinda special in my mind. Don't get me wrong. I love my boys as much as I do her. But there's a bond there that isn't with my sons. I love them all the same but differently. It's going to take a very special young man to catch her eye. She has just one major fault though. She doesn't like ANY kind of needlework. I should say she doesn't like doing any needlework. She has absconded with all the cat pictures and pillows I've done. I've only managed to keep one from her. I've tried knitting, cross stitch and sewing. Her friend tried to get her to crochet. She wouldn't have any of it. She loves music though. She is right now a choral music education major and thinking of adding a vocal performance major as well. She loves the idea of teaching on a high school level. She had 2 very fine choral teachers in high school and I think she wants to inspire young people as they inspired her. We had a wonderful visit at Thanksgiving and am looking forward to her longer Christmas break. Can you tell I miss her already?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cirque Des Triangles - Part 1

Well, I've managed to start CDT this week at work. I've decided to stitch it on 22ct Christmas Green Hardanger fabric. I don't know what it is anymore with me and green. It's not even one of my favorite colors. But for some reason, I'm drawn to it for these patterns. I'm using a multicolored thread from Weeks Dye Works called Calypso. It's bright and cheerful and I really like it with the fabric. I'll probably post pictures later this week when I have a little more done. One thing I know I'll be using a lot of is Thread Heaven. The WDW thread really wants to knot on me. I'll be stitching along and all of a sudden there's a slip knot on the front of the work.

I took CDC to be framed on Friday. I'm trying a new (to me) framer. He's been in the area for years and Merry from work finally convinced me to take CDC to him. What amazed me was the price. Less than $45.00 total to frame it. I didn't have any mats put on it but I was still shocked at the price. When he told me I asked him if that included the labor. Yep, it was bottom line. Depending on how I like the finished product, I may have found a new framer.

I hope everyone out there has a blessed Thanksgiving. The Lord has given me so many blessings and I'm thankful for them every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Dance With Me!!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm really done! I was happy dancing all over the family room last night. Well, let's just say I was happy hobbling around the family room. I've finished Cirque des Circles yesterday afternoon. I knew there was a good side to breaking my toes. It forced me to actually sit and stitch instead of finding all kinds of excuses not to. This is my first finish in almost 3 years. It feels so good to be stitching regularly again. For a while there, I doubted if I would get back to stitching again. I just needed something to inspire me to get working again. I'm really pleased too with the way this turned out. I really like the combination of thread and fabric. We even had a call from a LNS (not in our area) asking what we had used to stitch this. Apparently one of their customers was in our store visiting and wanted to do hers with the same colors. I wouldn't mind stitching this one again with a different combo but I've already started on Cirque des Triangles. I'll post that combo later this week when I have a little more done on it.
My toes seem to be healing fine. I can tell though when I've been on my feet too long. They get kinda sore. Hopefully I get to stop wearing the boot on the 20th. I feel like Igor in the monster movies and my son has called me Frankenstein a few times. Kids! Gotta love them!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frustration = Stitching

Well, I spent most of last week running from the Dr. to the xray place then to an othropedist only to be told the same thing that the urgent care Dr. told me. We'll just tape your toes and fit you into a walking boot for 3 weeks then see how you're doing. Here's where it get frustrating. I took the prescription into the place to get my walking boot. The good news is that my insurance will pay for it 100%. The bad news is that I need a preauthorization before I can pick it up. Now, nobody plans to break their toes. So my question is how can you get a preauthorization for something that was an accident?

It takes 3-8 business days to get the necessary paperwork done. It's 3 days if it's marked urgent. So course the orthopedic place did not mark it as such. So they asked me if I thought I needed the boot real soon. I told them I was walking around on 2 fractured toes, what did they think?!! Needless to say I was so frustrated I was in tears on the way home. Then I remembered that a friend from work had worn one several months ago. I called and the end result is that I'm borrowing hers until mine gets approved. At least now I don't feel like I'm a prisoner, not being able to go anywhere.

The upside to all of this is that the enforced rest caused me to stitch a lot more than usual and I've made great progress on CDC. You can see by the picture that I'm almost done. I plan on getting more done this afternoon. Maybe I can even hope to finish it this week. Dave is traveling again, so I stitch more in the evenings than I do when he's home. That's my silver lining in all of this.