Monday, March 23, 2009

Regrets Part 2

Ok, I've had some time to think about my last post. I left the patterns on my desk at work. You know, the ones I was thinking of adding to my collection. I left them for about a week. I finally came to my senses and decided that, no, they were not going to go home with me. I am still having second thoughts about what I'm getting rid of at home. Here's the issue though. For me to go through all the patterns in the giveaway boxes, I'll need to go out to the garage and wrestle them out of the cabinet. And I do mean wrestle. And they're really heavy. And there's four of them. Are you getting the picture here? This will not be an easy job. So I think for now they will just stay in their boxes until I figure out how to get rid of them. At that time, if I'm still so inclined, I'll go through the box in question and see if I still feel the same about the charts. So for now the decluttering plan is still working. Now if I can just get back to stitching!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


What's that song by Frank Sinatra? Regrets, I've had a few. Well, I'm really having problems letting go of the stash I culled several months ago. I keep thinking of things I put in the boxes and wanting to rescue them. I see patterns at work and go to buy them only to remember that I already have them in the giveaway boxes at home. Then I want to go get them out of the boxes and put them back in my file cabinets. Excuse me, that is now one file cabinet. The other resides in Brian's old room waiting to be given away. I promised myself I wouldn't go back and retrieve anything out of the boxes. But, man, is it ever hard. In the long run, I know I'm right to get rid of things I haven't used yet in 15-20 years. At that rate, I probably never will. So this is a good thing I'm doing, right?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Nostalgia

Since I haven't made too much progress on my 2 current WIP's, I thought I would show one that I did about 15 years ago. I think the sentiment is very timely for many people. I know this is how we felt when Dave was out of work. We knew God would take care of us in His time. Sometimes though I wished He would hurry up!
This is an old Mosey and Me pattern called Daniel & Friends. Now I very seldom stitch anything like it is charted and this was no exception. I used Medici wool for the lions' coats and Fun Fur for their manes. It's really too bad that fiber isn't available any more (at lease it isn't in that color). I did French knots in Medici for Daniel's hair and a Wildflower for his coat of many colors (why should Jacob have all the fun?). I also added the buttons instead of stitching the hearts.
This is one of my favorite pieces I have stitched. Yes, I've stitched more sophisticated pieces. And I've stitched pieces that were a lot more detailed. But this design just spoke to me, both then and now. And I apologize if I seem irreverant. That is certainly not my intention. I firmly believe that God loves a big belly laugh just as much as we do.