Friday, September 24, 2010

To EvalinaMaria

EvalinaMarie, I realize that you may not have found my email address yet. I left a comment on your blog with it but you may have missed it. So I thought I'd put it here in hopes that you'll see it. It's azxser at aol dot com. I hope you see this cause I would love to send you your package of goodies. The package is all ready except for your address. Hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Have Another Winner!

Well, it's my birthday and I'm giving away the goodies. We've picked a winner for my birthday giveway and it's... Drum roll please. EvalinaMarie! You are the winner of my birthday giveaway. If you'll email me, I can get your package off to you.

This has been such fun. I've discovered a whole bunch of blogs that I want to follow. There are so many of you doing so many interesting things out there. It's really inspired me to try new things. Hopefuly my winner likes what I'm sending. If not, EvalinaMaria, please feel free to pass what you can't use on to someone else.

Well, it's back to my regularly scheduled programming. I'm in the process of finishing a Lizzie Kate and hope to have the pictures posted this week. I'm also taking the poppies to be framed this Friday so they'll be back soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's My Birthday!

My birthday ia this month (the 20th to be exact) and I've decided it's time for another surprise giveaway. I'm still drowning in stash that needs a new home so I thought this would be the perfect reason for having one. Same rules apply as before. If you comment on this post, you'll receive one entry. If you mention this on your blog, you'll get an extra entry. If you link to my blog, you'll receive a third. And to make it even more fun, if you become a follower, you'll receive another entry. So you can get a total of four entries for this giveaway. I can promise that you'll receive lots of goodies. So come on and help me celebrate. And, no, I won't tell you how old I'm going to be. Some things are better off left unsaid! Oops, I almost forgot. The cutoff date will be September 18 and I'll draw the winner on the 20th. Good luck, everyone.