Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Margaret Sherry Part 2

Okay, I said I wasn't going on a search for the new Margaret Sherry bookazine.  And I didn't.  Really I didn't.  Yes, I drive past Barnes & Noble and Borders on the way home from work.  I also drive right past a Joanne's as well.  But I was good.  I didn't stop at any of them.  But sometimes things just kind of fall into your lap.  I was casually reading the message board over at Cross Stitch 123 and what popped up at the top of the posts but one that read FS: Margaret Sherry Magazine.  Now I'm usually never in time to take advantage of these opportunities but I noticed that the post had just been put up not 2 minutes earlier.  So after thinking about it for all of 30 seconds, I decided to take the chance and email Leisa from New Mexico.  Well, to my surprise, I was the first person who contacted her.  So after emailing back and forth for a few minutes, I quickly arranged to pay her and soon became the proud owner of the Margaret Sherry magazine.  I NEVER get lucky like that.  But I guess the stars were aligned and I was just destined to own it.  Many thanks to Leisa for offering this.  And, me?  I am one happy cross stitcher.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stopping the Madness!

I realized the other day on the way home from work that I need to stop the madness of chasing after charts and books that I don't need or have room for.  Several weeks ago I had heard about the Margaret Sherry bookazine that had been put out.  Now Margaret Sherry is one of my favorite designers.  I just love the child-like wonders of her designs.  I buy every magazine that has one of her designs in it.  So you can imagine how excited I was to hear about this new publication.  Until I found out just how hard it was going to be to get my hands on it.  So I was driving home from work and decided to stop at Barnes & Nobel because I was sure they would have it.  I was wrong.  As I got in my car, I began planning my next stop.  Now, mind you, it's 110 degrees out and humid to boot.  And here I was planning a road trip to maybe, if I'm lucky, get a copy of this bookazine.  I don't even know what designs are in it but I was determined to get one.  Never mind that I knew that most of the patterns were in the magazines I already had.  So I sat in my car and did some hard thinking.  I decided I wasn't going to chase after the elusive bookazine.  If I happen to come across it in my travels, that would be great.  But I would not make a deliberate effort to find it.  Yes, I would love to have all the patterns in one place.  Actually I do.  They're in a file folder in my filing cabinet.  So I'm stopping the madness of having to have everything that everyone else has.  I'll be happy for you if you find it and wish you well.  Me, I think I'll just go dig out my file folder and drool over the ones I already own.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust!

Well, in my quest to actually complete some things this year, here is my latest finish.  It's called Snowflake and is by Art-Stitch.  It's another cross stitch hybrid.  For those new to my blog, that's a cross stitch pattern I've stitched in needlepoint.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  At first when I started stitching it, I wasn't sure I liked all the colors.  I was afraid it would turn out to pale.  I did, in fact, change the gold to a darker shade.  But I really like the way this one turned out.  Yes, it's actually a Christmas design, but I can see having it out all through the year.  I'll take it to the frame shop on Friday and try to figure out how to frame it.  Now onto the next UFO.  Which one shall I finish next?