Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Purge Continues!

Well, the purge here has continued. I admit it's taking longer than I anticipated but I don't have a deadline so I'm not too worried about it. I've cleaned out both file cabinets and I know exactly what's staying from my magazine collection. I had thought about keeping all my Treasures in Needlework issues and my Cross Stitch Sampler issues but let's get real. I've had them for over 10 years now and have never stitched anything out of them. And probably won't. So they are going. The first 2 pictures are what's staying (so far). The third picture is what is going. Now I've made a rule that whatever is in the going pile, then there's no second chances. Once it's there, it's gone. I do want to make one more pass at the things I think I'll be keeping to see if I can get rid of anything else. I've already gone through it twice and I figure three times should be plenty. Each time I go through things, it gets a little bit easier. Now I need to decide how I'm going to get rid of stuff. I think some of it will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters for their stores. The rest I'll sell, probably on Quin's. Ebay has just gotten to be too expensive with all their fees. I do feel good about what I've accomplished so far. Now to figure out how to store everything when I'm through sorting.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Change in Plans!

Well, the windmill is almost done. But I've put it aside in order to do this chart for Chris & Annette for Christmas. I thought they'd really like it considering their goal is to go to China as missionaries. It's all stitched in DMC but I've made (as usual) a couple of changes. I'm doing the motifs in the corners in cross stitch and the gold will be a bright metallic gold as opposed to a floss. I also got a black silk to stitch the Chinese characters. And I'm stitching it over one on 25 count cream lugana. I hope to frame it with red and gold mats and a black bamboo frame. I'm going to try to have it done in time to send it to them for Christmas. So I really have to get moving on this one. The windmill will just have to wait.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Little More Progress!

Well, I thought I'd have this finished by now. Of course I couldn't take in on vacation with me. Then when I came back the Olympics were on and I couldn't focus on stitching when I was busy watching to see if Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals. I could only sit and knit so it wasn't like I totally wasted the time spend in front of the TV. Then I had to help Sherrie get ready to go off to school. Oh, by the way, Brian went with her and Dave and I are officially empty nesters. So we decided to spend Labor Day weekend painting the dining room and got a good start on the living room as well. We've only been living here 14 years and just now decided it was time. A little slow, I'll admit but well worth the wait. It's amazing how much a new paint job changes the complexion of a room. So now I've run out of excuses. I'd like to get this finished in the next week cause I found a design I want to do for Chris and Annette for Christmas. So my Highland Living will have to wait till that's done. But this one is going quickly (when I work on it) and I really like the look of the perle cotton instead of the floss.