Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Wishes!

I would just like to wish all my friends a very Merry & Blessed Christmas. May the spirit of the season continue through the new year. God bless us everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Moment of Panic!

I decided this morning to gather up all five of the projects that I will be working on next year. I wanted to get them all together in one bag so I can just grab it and go when I need it. I easily found three of them (one's on my scroll frame next to my stitching chair.) but I could not find the other two. They weren't where I had left them and I began scrambling to see if I could locate them. After about an hour, I gave up and went out to run a few more errands. In the back of my mind, I knew I had put them in a tote several months ago when I cleaned up my work space. That meant, I had lost a tote! Who knew what else was in there? When I came back home, I began to search for the tote. Imagine what I felt when I realized I was missing not one, not two but three totes! Now the other two totes contain knitting projects but they were still missing. I looked every place that I keep stash. No totes! I looked in my craft room and my bedrooom. No totes! Finally I looked in the closet of the spare bedroom. There resting quietly on the floor were the three missing totes. Just happy to be sitting there in the dark. And when I opened the one containing my cross stitching, there were the two projects I was missing. So I quickly scooped them up before they could escape and put them with the other three projects next to my chair. The tote went back into the closet where it is happily residing with the other two errant totes. Do you think I have too much stuff?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Goals

I've been reading a lot of different cross stitching blogs lately and everyone seems as though they are making stitching goals for next year. So I got to thinking about what I would like to accomplish in 2011. I know a lot of stitchers are going to do the Startitis plan where you start 15
new projects on the first 15 days of the new year. While it sounds intriguing, there's no way I can afford to start 15 new projects. Now I don't mean that money-wise. I mean that I have no idea how many UFO's and WIP's I already have. Adding another 15 to the mix would overwhelm me. Then there's the plan where I could stitch whatever and whenever I like. In other words, the goal is to have no goals. Now I really like that idea. But that's how I got so many UFO's in the first place. I need a little more discipline in my life. So I found a blog that has a plan that I think I can work with. It's You take 5 UFO's or WIP's and work on them and then you add in 2 new projects. This, I think, is manageable. I think the new projects I add in will be freebies or ornaments or just some smaller projects. This way I have seven days and seven different projects to work on. If I work on a different project every day, I'm bound to make some progress on some of them. Now all this being said, I do reserve the right to change my mind at any time about this.

So I think I already know the 5 UFO's that I want to start on in the New Year. I want to stitch:

Cirque des Triangles
Cirque des Carreaux
Windmill by Michael Powell
The Wave (my newest BAP over one)
Autumn Abstract

I haven't decided what freebies I want to stitch yet but there are a few that have been calling my name for a couple of years (BoINK, anyone?)

So I think I'm ready for the new year to start. Anyone else care to join Dawn and I on our journey?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Ornament!

This year I decided to do something I haven't done in years. I participated in an ornament exchange organized by Bronny at I haven't heard yet if the ornament I stitched found its way to its new owner but I received mine earlier this week. Pauline sent me the lovely Santa ornament you see in the first picture. I am very pleased with it and I really hope Santa brings me the bottom item on the list. The next picture is a very pretty pin pillow she made for me and sent along with the Santa ornament. I really like it as does my kitty. I keep having to move it because she wants to snuggle with it. The third picture are the kits she included with the ornament. They're card kits and I think I'll get an early start on stitching some cards for next year. They are both really cute and I really appreciate them. So thanks you, Pauline for your lovely Christmas presents and thanks to Bronny as well for doing such a fine job of organizing this exchange.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year!

I'm sure you all know what time I mean. Why, it's Christmas, of course. As you can see the tree was put up the day after Thanksgiving. Sherrie insisted that it had to go up then so she actually did most of the work putting it together and decorating it. As we were hanging the ornaments, I got to thinking about them and realized that most of them are homemade. Now, that doesn't mean they are all cross stitch. There are the old fashioned felt ones with sequins. There's beads and sequins stuck in styrofoam. There's even a tiny nativity scene in an eggshell. I've done the cross stitch ones in the little round plastic frames that were so popular in the late '70's and 1980's. I've also done quite a few ornaments on perforated paper. Those are some of my favorites to finish. Cut them out, stick some felt on the back and voila! they're finished. But what's really important is the memories attached to them. Some I made before the kids were born and some when they were little. I have a set of six felt Santas that even now the kids fight over who gets to put them on the tree. Super Santas they always called them and to this day, when I see them, I have to smile. So my tree is not just full of ornaments; it's full of memories as well.