Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Even More Progress

The wedding sampler is coming along really well.  I'm really enjoying stitching it.  Yes, I still get the little knots on the back of it but I've decided not to stress too much about them.  As long as they don't make the back lumpy, I'm okay with them.  It will be a little tricky stitching the center motif.  It's actually spread out on 4 pages.  I plan to copy all four of the corners it's printed on, then cut them out and tape them together.  That way I'm not worrying about what stitch goes where.  But I think I can wait on that part until I can stitch more of the words around the motif.  I'm stitching the border as I go.  That way I'll be sure it ends up where it's supposed to.

Here is another piece I'm also working on.  I joined the Prairie Schoolers SAL a few months ago and am almost finished with this one.

Autumn from The Four Seasons 

This is Autumn from an old leaflet called The Four Seasons.  It's been really fun to stitch and I hope to finish it this week.