Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Throwback Thursday

Snowflakes by Art-Stitch
Welcome to another Throwback Thursday!  This is one of my favorite recently stitched pieces. Actually it's not cross stitch.  It's needlepoint.  When I worked for Needler's Nest, I was the Inventory Manager in charge of making sure all the inventory was entered into the computer.  So everything that was ordered crossed my desk.  I felt like the luckiest person in the world.  I got to see all the new stuff first. This is actually a cross stitch chart from Art-Stitch called Snowflakes. I really liked this pattern  when we ordered it, so I got an extra copy for myself.  I thought it might be a little boring to cross stitch (I know, sacrilege) but wondered how it would be in needlepoint.  I converted all the colors to perle cotton and set to work.  It was a really quick stitch.  I think it only took me a month to stitch it.  The backstitching was a little rough but I like the way if finally turned out. I had so much fun with this that I actually converted another piece as well.  That might be another Throwback Thursday post.  Anyway It's fun to think outside the box sometimes.  You never know what masterpiece you might come up with.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Very Happy Day!

The happy couple!
 I just have to share my news with everyone. Wednesday was a very happy day in our family.  Our beautiful daughter Sherrie celebrated her birthday in a most wonderful way.  She became engaged to her boyfriend Eric.  As you can see by their expressions, they are both thrilled with this momentous step in their lives.  We have been praying that she would find a godly man to spend her life with and God surely answers prayers.  No date has been set for the wedding but they are thinking about June of 2016.  Sherrie is a teacher and would like to get married during a school break and December is just too soon to get things planned.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finally Got My Mojo Back!

I love these guys!
After more than a year, I have finally gotten my stitching mojo back!  With everything pertaining to our move last year, I just haven't felt like stitching.  So today I was off work and decided to spend the day stitching.  I haven't done that in years. There has always been something else that I had to do or got caught up in.  Electronic toys are the worst.  So as soon as my chores were finished this morning I sat down to stitch and will probably stitch some more this afternoon.

The piece I'm working on (aside from my granddaughter's birth sampler which I can't show cause I'm hoping it will be a surprise) is one from Cross Stitch Quick & Easy from Great Britain.  I'm so sorry this magazine is no longer in publication.  I used to love getting it and spending the day reading it cause I knew there would always be several patterns in it that I just had to stitch.  This is one of those charts.  In fact, I originally subscribed to the magazine because of it.  I had seen in it a later copy of the magazine and it just spoke to my heart.  It's from the DMC Purrfect Pets line that supported animal rescue organizations in Great Britain.  I'm not even sure you can get their patterns any more.  I know they have a few kits available but sadly no more charts.  I got up early in the morning in Arizona just to call Great Britain (at the time there was no way to order an online subscription) and ordered the magazine.  I also decided that I had to subscribe to it as well.  It's been sitting in my stash for about 10 years now but I never forgot about it.

This year I decided I would stitch up several charts that I had been wanting to stitch for a long while.  The first one that jumped on the list was this one.  I dug out a piece of white 28 count lugana from my stash and gathered the threads.  I'm stitching with a mixture of DMC and Anchor.  It's been fun because you'll use half stitches as well as full cross stitches and backstitch and it seems to be stitching up rather quickly.  Here's my progress as of today.
That's a cat sitting on top of the snowman's head.  One thing I do have to remember is that the chart is printed on 2 pages.  Only the 15 stitches on the left hand side are on another chart.  That's why there's a missing stitch (well, it's not really missing, it's going to be a snowflake) on the left edge.  I forgot to read the other page!  I figure it's the sky and a snowflake so no harm was done.  But I will be more careful in the future.  

I'm so glad my desire to stitch has come back.  There are so many things I want to do now.  Not the least of which are a couple of birth samplers and my daughter's college graduation sampler.  

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh Come On!!

My Front Yard
This is Mother's Day, right?  Almost the middle of May?  Well, the weather here in Colorado sure isn't cooperating.  Yesterday we had 6-8 inches of wet, heavy snow.  That was on top of a torrential downpour earlier in the day.  As you can see, the trees took the brunt of the snow.  So many branches are laying on the ground, some still attached to the trees, some not so much.  By this afternoon the snow was mostly gone, but the damage had been done.  The tree in the front yard came back.  Our neighbor wasn't so lucky.  His tree is still in his neighbor's yard.  The tree shown in the backyard lost a lot of large branches.  Now there's a big pile of branches in the backyard that Dave sawed off the tree.  And the flowers!  My irises were just beginning to bloom and now they're all broken and battered.  I had so been looking forward to having fresh cut flowers in the house this spring.  But I guess Mother Nature had other ideas.  Honestly, I'm done with the snow and winter in general.  I now thoroughly understand how people become snowbirds.

Some of my backyard trees

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and I would like to wish all mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day.  Honestly I was not close to my mother so I wanted to change that with my children.  I have 3 of the greatest kids ever.  Brian living in PA with his lovely wife Alicia, Christopher who along with his beautiful wife Annette made me a proud grandma and Sherrie my gorgeous daughter.  You all have made me so proud to be your mom.  As you grow older, I pray that you will continue your walk with the Lord and remember to trust Him for everything.  Thanks for allowing me to be the best mom I could be.  Thanks for sticking with your dad and me throughout the good times and the bad.  I (we) love you lots.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Wayback Wednesday

This Wayback Wednesday post is related to last week's.  Remember how I mentioned I was cleaning out an old jewelry box and found the old Online Stitchers pin?  I also found this gem in there.  I used to go to the cross stitch festivals that were held in the early 90's and a group of us decided to make name badges for ourselves.  They were supposed to depict things that were important in our lives.  So I designed this name badge and stitched on it all the little things in my life that made me happy (okay, maybe not all the things but let's face it, it's a small badge).  The little kitty is my gray tabby, Tiffany, the dog represents Sam & Lady, our two loveable mutts, and I used to have an aquarium, hence the fish.  I also loved reading (still do) and of course, cross stitching.  I lived in Central Pennsylvania at the time so I had to include the little map of the state and the name of the town I lived in.   And let's not forget the little Prodigy symbol stuck up in the corner.  The fun thing about this badge is that I designed all the motifs myself except for the cat and I'm really kind of proud as to how it turned it.  It's stitched on perforated plastic (I figured it would hold up better and boy, was I right!) with DMC floss.  So this is just a little bit of nostalgia that's going back into storage.  But it was fun reminiscing about the past.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wayback Wednesday

Okay, I've been doing the commuter/stitching things for a long time now.  I just never realized exactly how long it's been.  I found this last weekend when I was cleaning out an old jewelry box.
From the 80's!!
Way back in the 80's, when Prodigy reigned supreme (anyone remember those days when they gave you a floppy disc to load on your computer?), there were a group of stitchers who corresponded via a REC group.  We eventually coalesced into a semi-formal group calling ourselves Online Cross Stitchers.  For a couple of dollars you could buy the pin.  That way when you met up at a stitching festival, you could identify with someone you might have met on line.  Times sure have changed!  Nowadays with all the different Facebook groups, message boards, and bloggers out in the world, there probably is no need for a pin such as this one.  But it's fun to look back and see just how far we've come in the world of cross stitching.