Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Even More Progress

The wedding sampler is coming along really well.  I'm really enjoying stitching it.  Yes, I still get the little knots on the back of it but I've decided not to stress too much about them.  As long as they don't make the back lumpy, I'm okay with them.  It will be a little tricky stitching the center motif.  It's actually spread out on 4 pages.  I plan to copy all four of the corners it's printed on, then cut them out and tape them together.  That way I'm not worrying about what stitch goes where.  But I think I can wait on that part until I can stitch more of the words around the motif.  I'm stitching the border as I go.  That way I'll be sure it ends up where it's supposed to.

Here is another piece I'm also working on.  I joined the Prairie Schoolers SAL a few months ago and am almost finished with this one.

Autumn from The Four Seasons 

This is Autumn from an old leaflet called The Four Seasons.  It's been really fun to stitch and I hope to finish it this week.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Bit More Progress

September 30, 2015
As you can see, I've made a bit more progress on Sherrie's wedding sampler.  Page 1 is almost completely finished while I have made a good start on page 2.  It's going much faster than I ever thought it would.  And now that I've quit worrying about all the little knots on the back, I've been moving much faster on it.  They're so small that it's not going to hurt to have them on the back.  Now I have had a few real snarls and those I have removed.  I've been lucky to have caught them before stitching on so that's been a blessing.  There's only been one that I had to cut out so I think I'm doing okay.  I really do think I can finish this before the wedding.

A Prairie Schooler Update

September 30, 2015
I guess it's time to update my Prairie Schooler I've been working on.  I have made quite a bit of progress on it since last month.  I've been trying to work at least an hour a day on it but more often than not I'm still spending way too much time on the ipad.  I have deleted most of the games on it and have been trying to limit the amount of time I've been playing the few that are left.  Also I've been spending a lot of time stitching my daughter's wedding sampler.  I've made really good progress on it and I can actually see myself finishing it by the time the wedding rolls around next year.  So I guess I'm okay with the way this one looks right now.  It is a fun piece and is working up rather quickly.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Progress

September 15, 2015
Well, I've made a bit more progress on the wedding sampler.  It's actually going faster than I thought it would.  I'm almost done with page one and am well into page 2.  But I've decided I will never again use sampler threads to stitch with when I'm stitching over one.  Even with using Thread Heaven, I'm having a terrible time with the thread knotting.  Did I mention I REALLY, REALLY hate using this thread?  It is going to be beautiful when it's done so it's just a matter of trying to get past the frustration of turning the piece over and discovering several knots way back in the center of the row.  It's too difficult to rip out that much and the knots are small so I've been leaving them.  I know, sacrilege!  But if I frogged them all, it would never get finished.  So I'm trying my best to make sure I catch them before I get too far. but that makes for slow going as well.  But knowing I'm stitching it for my beautiful daughter and her soon-to-be new husband makes it worth all the aggravation I'm feeling.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget!

I remember exactly where I was 14 years ago today when I heard about this horrific attack on our country.  I couldn't drag myself away from the news coverage.  I cried when I saw the leaders of our country standing on the steps of the capital and singing God Bless America.  And I will pray that our country remains strong and we will rise above all the rhetoric and become one again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Little Bit of Prairie Schooler Progress

September 1, 2015
It doesn't look like much but this is the progress I've made so far on my Prairie Schooler design.  I only had about an hour or so last Saturday to work on it so this was all I was able to get done.  I figure if I can work on it for an hour a day, I might be able to make good progress on it.  I did find there was an advantage to stitching these as individual designs.  I am able to choose the design I most want to work on and stitch that one before any of the others.  This is the Autumn chart.  I figured it would be appropriate to stitch it since fall is fast approaching.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh Oh!

Okay maybe it's not a disaster but I made a mistake when I calculated the amount of fabric I would need for my Prairie Schoolers and it means a complete change in plans.  I think I mentioned that I was going to stitch all 4 of the designs on the same piece of fabric.  I had discussed it with my framer and we decided it would be easier to frame that way.  Well, I forgot to take that into account when I was figuring out how much fabric I need to cut.  I only measured it as though I had one design going across and top to bottom instead of two.  I was getting ready to start stitching and realized the fabric looked really small for what I wanted.  I do have enough of the same fabric for all 4 pieces.  I'll just have to stitch all the pieces separately.  That's not a big problem but it will make it harder on the framer.  Oh well, what's the old saying, measure twice cut once.  I should remember that for next time.