Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Little Nostalgia

Since I haven't made too much progress on my 2 current WIP's, I thought I would show one that I did about 15 years ago. I think the sentiment is very timely for many people. I know this is how we felt when Dave was out of work. We knew God would take care of us in His time. Sometimes though I wished He would hurry up!
This is an old Mosey and Me pattern called Daniel & Friends. Now I very seldom stitch anything like it is charted and this was no exception. I used Medici wool for the lions' coats and Fun Fur for their manes. It's really too bad that fiber isn't available any more (at lease it isn't in that color). I did French knots in Medici for Daniel's hair and a Wildflower for his coat of many colors (why should Jacob have all the fun?). I also added the buttons instead of stitching the hearts.
This is one of my favorite pieces I have stitched. Yes, I've stitched more sophisticated pieces. And I've stitched pieces that were a lot more detailed. But this design just spoke to me, both then and now. And I apologize if I seem irreverant. That is certainly not my intention. I firmly believe that God loves a big belly laugh just as much as we do.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

i love this one!! message is needed and appreciated.

Beatrice said...

It's fun to see some of the earlier pieces as well. Nice work.
p/s I love the ort ball!!! that is to cool!