Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Has All the Cross Stitch Gone?

On a whim Dave & I went to the county fair yesterday. It was so much smaller than the state fair in the fall. It only took us an hour and we were like, ok, we're done now. Let's go get lunch. One thing I noticed was that I could count the number of cross stitch pieces on less than my 10 fingers. I've noticed a decline at the state fair as well, but this was truely pathetic. There was one piece that hadn't been framed stuck in a display case with some crocheted pieces and there were about 8 hung on a wall. That was it. The ones on the wall were mostly smaller than 6 x 6". There were 2 larger pieces and one was really a needlepoint one that had been mislabeled. I actually would have stitched that one myself and might see if I can find the kit. I would have stitched the other large piece as well. It was a very colorful tiger stalking in some greenery. Very bright colors, right up my alley. I remember when we first moved here in the early 90's, the fair had to devote 2 walls just to the cross stitch entries. There would be several Mirabilias, Lavender & Lace, Stoney Creeks. They would be professionally framed and I would love to spend quite a bit of time looking at them. Now I realize how expensive framing is. Most of my stuff goes in my fuppy box but if I were going to exhibit them, I would go ahead and spring for the tab. Is the economy affecting our hobby that much? I would have to say in my humble opinion that I believe it is. When people are worrying about their next mortgage payment or how they're going to feed their kids, then something has to give. I've been blessed to have a hubby with a good job and I also have a good job (with a discount on stash no less!), but I do find myself working from my stash instead of buying new stuff. So do you plan on having S.E.X. when the recession ends?


Dani - tkdchick said...

You know, I don't think its so much the economy more the fact clothing crats have trends some are strong and others are weak over time. Cross Stitch was HUGE in the late 90's and the early 2000's I think the industry is just in a waning stage right now. Think about in the last few years how the popularity of kintting has skyrockted?

Give it time, there's us dye hard stitchers who aren't going anywhere. Eventually it'll be a popular craft again!

And I've invested too much in my stash to stop now!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I have not been to the fairs in quite a while. I have always wanted to enter some pieces into the competitions at the fairs. I am hoping sometime soon to be able to get my L&L angel and my hubby's wizard that I did framed. Those are two pieces that I would love to see win something... hhmmmmm wonder if I get Jesus wept done and entered what would happen.(like that will happen soon.)LOL

Anyway, it would be nice to see more in the fairs when it comes to stitching. As for your question about having S.E.X. after the recession is over... hmmmm probably because all the stash should be almost used up by that time. lol

Elaine said...

Cross-stitch has also waned here in Scotland in recent years as well. I used to attend a craft show twice a year in Glasgow and I loved looking at all the stitched pieces on display. In the past few years there is just a few stalls with stitching on display or stash for sale. It has been taken over by Papercrafting. I used to have about 6 cross-stitch shops nearby , now their is only one. Hopefully in time its popularity will return.

Rachel said...

Its a hard sell in my county as well. Im trying to get at least one piece or two to turn in for this year.

I sat & stitched during last years fair as a friend is a coordinator for the stitching section.

Most other stitchers I talk to arent comfortable leaving their treasures where someone might take off with it.

Sharon said...

I am totally with Dani on this one. I went to my hometown fair last year and saw very little myself!

Meari said...

I don't think the economy has affected the craft, as much as people are just doing other "popular" crafts such as knitting, scrapbooking, etc. At XS is still alive and going :)