Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Come

I can't be satisfied with what I've got?  I was just thinking about all the free cross stitch patterns that are available on the Web.  I must have a stack of patterns about 6 inches tall that I've printed off.  And that's just one stack.  I have folders full of patterns.  Free patterns or patterns I've printed off (where I've been a member for years).  And I'm not just talking about about cute, little patterns used by designers to grab your interest.  I do have lots of those as well.  And I love them when I need a pattern for a round robin or a card.  No, I'm talking about gorgeous, big patterns.  Like the Book of Ink Circles (or BOINK as it's affectionately known as), or the ones from Papillon Creations (both names which escape me at the moment).  There are some French blogs that are posting gorgeous samplers that are free for the printing.  AAS has a wonderful, whimsical Christmas design that's a free SAL.  You could stitch for several years just from the free patterns that are available.  So with all this bounty, why do I still feel the need to BUY patterns?  I know I tell myself I'm doing this so when I retire, I'll have my pick of what I want to stitch.  But tastes change.  Who knows if what I want to stitch today will be what I want to stitch tomorrow?  I tell myself that if my favorite designers retire, then I need to get their patterns before they go out of print.  If I never bought another pattern, I'd be set for life.  I've even been culling out things I know I'll never stitch.  But I still find myself drawn to new patterns.  It's a sickness, I tell you.  And I'm not sure I want to be cured!


Catherine said...

There are many more worse addictions!!

Karen said...

its a sickness and i have it too! i have more freebies than i can count and i weed those out all the time(there are binders full of them). LOL

Sharon said...

I am right there with you Bette! You aren't alone! LOL