Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stitching Stands

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Do you use a stand when you stitch? If so, tell us about it and share pictures if you’ve got them. If not, would you like to try using a stand? Do you have any tips or tricks around using a stand versus not using a stand?

Do you use a stitching stand?  I sure do.  In fact, I've used one for the last 25 years.  I have a beautiful floor stand which frankly I hardly ever use.  It's to be used with a recliner but quite frankly, it just seems too unstable for me.

I think it's called an Ergo but I'm not sure of that.  

My favorite stand are my lap stands from K's Creation's.  I have all three of the sizes of the original frames but my favorite one to use is their Z Frame.  I'm still using the original one that they came out with probably about 15 years ago.  I love it!!  It can be positioned any way you like and it can hold scroll frames, q-snaps, or stretcher bars.  It's just a wonderful frame.  The only problem we have found at the store is that their customer service has really deteriorated since Kay died.  And that's so sad cause they have a wonderful product.  

Another advantage I've found with using a stand is that you can teach yourself to stitch two-handed.  It took me a little while to learn the technique but it was so worth it in the end.  Takes the strain off of one hand and allows you to stitch so much faster.  

So if you haven't tried using a stand, you might want to try it.  You may just surprise yourself.

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Meari said...

I have a K's Creations stand and I really like it. Too bad you don't like to use your floor stand. It looks really nice.

Rita said...

DH told me to buy myself a StitchMate stand with all the bells and whistles for my last birthday.

I love it! I still use Q-snaps for smalls but love using my stand for large pieces.

The man who made these, unfortunately recently passed away.

Faith... said...

I think that is why I can't use my stand; the two handed stitching. Just can't get the hang of it.

Loretta Oliver said...

I love stitching two-handed! Even when I wasn't using a stand if I had my big q-snaps out I could prop it against my leg or the side of the chair/sofa arm and two-hand stitch.

Handmade Redhead said...

I have never even thought of stitching two handed. I tend to stitch slow, but I like it that way. Hope your eye gets better soon!