Friday, April 14, 2017

My Current WIP

I have recently found a new-to-me designer, The Frosted Pumpkin.  I fell in love with this design last year when it was offered as a SAL.  Now as usual I kind of took my time doing it.  I know most people like to keep up with the stitching but I've found if you give me a deadline, I tend to resent it and subsequently won't stitch it.  I tend to want to my own thing.  I will say this is almost finished so I'm not too far off the finish line on this one.  Obviously this sampler celebrates the centennial of the National Park system.  I have one more park to stitch.  For those of you interested, the parks depicted in the sampler are Yellowstone, Volcano National Park in Hawaii, Denali National Park in Alaska, Arcadia National Park in Maine, The Great Smoky Mountains and Joshua Tree National Park in California.  I just have Joshua Tree and the bottom border to finish.   I have purchased a couple more of their designs.  I just need to decide which one I want to start next. 

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Robin in Virginia said...

What a fabulous piece to stitch in honor of the parks! Yours is looking good. Have a wonderful weekend!