Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Not only have a recently learned to needlepoint but I just got through learning how to post pictures to this blog. This is a picture of the needlepoint class I just finished taking at the shop. The original colors were red and green but I thought that was too much like Christmas. I used Watercolour in the color called Forest Fire. My first thought was to use orange as my primary color with green as the secondary one. But I couldn't find 3 oranges that looked good together. So I decided to go with the green as my primary color and the tan as my secondary one. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. It is more like autumn colors than I realized. I actually had a lot of fun with the class. There were 2 other students and it was interesting to see the colors everyone picked. It always amazes me to see the same design stitched in different ways and how it almost looks like a totally new design. That's the Cirque de Circles is. I love to go to the Ink Circles website and see how everyone has interperted the design. Now that I've finished the needlepoint class, maybe I can make more progress on CDC. That's the hope anyway.
Poor Gabe! He's still just sitting on my stand waiting for me to finish stitching him. I swear if I wasn't doing this for a friend, he'd be in the closet. I really dislike stitching on him. But I decided if I can work on a page at a time and just finish one page, maybe I can feel like I'm making some real progress on him.
I'm so ready for cooler weather. It feels like it will never be fall or winter here. I do know traffic is getting worse so our winter visitors are coming back in full force.
Well, I'm going to go watch a little Nascar and see if I can get some stitching on CDC done. It's working us really fast and I'd love to see it done.

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