Sunday, January 6, 2008

Making Progress!

I haven't been able to stitch as much as I would have liked. We've been swamped at work and I've been working to cover for the manager who decided to take some extra time off over the holidays. By the time I get home at night, make dinner and do all the rest of the stuff that needs done, I'm pretty pooped. But I did make a little progress over the holidays. I worked on my animals of the Otago Peninsula and made progress torwards finishing it. I also started the Michael Powell cottage for the exchange that takes place at the end of January. The item has to be finished and that is definitely not my forte but I think I found a way that's cute and and I can do and not have it be messy or falling apart. Will post a picture of it when I'm finished. It doesn't look like it will be slowing down any at work either. I usually only work the sales floor on Mondays (when the manager takes her day off). I normally do inventory work but she's going to the TNNA show in Long Beach this week so I'll be out on the floor again this week. Meantime all the inventory is piling up in my office. I try to do it as I get a lull in the sales traffic but sometimes I just sit down and rest my little feet. But business is good and I should not be complaining at all. I also get to go to Nashville again in February and that is a highlight of my work year. Merry & I treat it like a vacation but it's also a big responsibilty to do all the cross stitch buying for the shop. It is fun to see all the new stuff coming out. For the two of us, it's like a 3 day long pajama party!

Well, have to go sew a button on Dave's shirt. Does that count as stitching?


Anonymous said...

If the store ever needs extra help, I would love to work there, if you wanted to throw them my name. Going to Tennessee sounds wonderful, I would love to go there and buy all kinds of cross stitch supplies, even if it is for the store. Can't wait to see whatever you get time to work on.

Bette said...

Ok. Tracy, if we decide to hire more people, I'll let you know and you can come in and talk to Merry about it. And of course I'll put in a good word for you as well. Will tell you all about Nashville when I get back.

AnnMcD said...

I have a small cross stitch shop in Brighton, Ontario, Canada and DH and I will be in NAshville this year too. We have gone for the last two years and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Then when I come home I have a big Open House and all my loyal customers ahve a a grand time too.
It would be great to link up and say hello!
I got your link off Beatrice's blog.


Bette said...

Ann, I'd love to meet you in Nashville. We're flying in on Thursday, signed up for 3 classes and the luncheon on Friday and plan to shop, shop, shop Saturday and Sunday. Let's keep in touch and see what we can arrange.


AnnMcD said...


I don't know when we will get there or where we will be staying yet...but we will be there for Friday night's preview and all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We are going to Florida first for a couple of weeks but will have Internet access is my email... send me yours and when I know more I will contact you and maybe we can meet for dinner on Saturday or breakfast on Sunday...

annmcdo at gmail dot com

Dan and I had dinner 2 years ago with someone from Phoenix ..I'm sure.. but I don't remember her name ...we were all staying at the Doubletree...but we will be staying someplace else this year... we also met a great woman from San Diego ...her name was Vicki... I do love the whole experience.

Bette said...

Ann, as it gets closer to time, I'll email you and we can arrange a time to get together. We won't have transportation but we are staying at the Embassy Suites so it shouldn't be hard to meet up. My email address is :

azxser at aol dot com.

I'm really looking forward to this trip!

AnnMcD said...


I've set you an e-mail.