Sunday, March 2, 2008

Making Progress!

I'm finally getting back into my everyday routines since coming back from Nashville. It's always amazing to me how long it takes to get back into the habit of doing something, whether it's making David's lunch or regular stitching. I did make a paper pin from Handblessings and actually finished and wore it. It's a monthly program where she supplies the free pattern and we kit it up. March was, of course, a Celtic Cross shamrock. April will be a tulip. They're quick to stitch and a cute idea. I've also been doing some knitting. I'm making a wrap to wear at work when everyone wants to turn the AC to freezing and I have icicles hanging from my nose. But the project I've been trying to work on consistently is Cirque des Triangles. The picture didn't turn out very well but it's better than the last one I took of it. I'm stitching it on 22CT hardanger fabric over one. The color is Christmas Green. I'm using a Weeks Dye Works thread called Calypso. It's multi-colored in yellow, red, pink and green. It's so different from CDC. I've had a lot of nice comments on it so far so I guess it's working. It's funny though. I like the looks of it when it's at work better then I do at home. The only thing I can figure is the lighting is different.
Oh, and I was a bad girl last week. I bought new stash from Vicki Clayton and Lakeside Linens.
I fell in love with the design Shores of Hawn Run Hollow and decided to get the linen and some silks to stitch it. The linen I got was 32CT Sand Dune. I really couldn't enjoy it if I had to stitch it on the 40CT it called for. I was going to use the Needlepoint Inc silks the pattern calls for but I saved almost $30.00 by using the hand-dyed fibers. And that's taking into account my employee discount and before tax. Also the colors are a little brighter and I like that. I knew I couldn't go on a stash diet for very long. But I have to start this as soon as I can.
Well, the race is almost on so I gotta go watch it and eat pizza with my guys. Have a wonderful day!

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karen said...

Hey Bette, haven't seen you at the shop (you must work weekdays). Your Cirque looks great! i am also stitching this one on 36ct colorscape fabric using NPI silks in chinese red (2 over 2) I have just about the same amount done as you. I was in the shop today and treated myself to a bunch of new stash. Hope to see you soon! here is my blog