Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Revelation!

I think I'm finally out of my stitching slump. I guess there are a couple of reasons for this. One is that I've decided to send Gabriel to Ghost Stitchers. Life is too short to spend time working on something I absolutely hate. There are so many patterns that I want to do and I'm beginning to resent the time I spend on stitching a project I so dislike. So I'm mailing him off tomorrow.

I've also decided that I need to return to the idea of stitching one project at a time. I've tried stitching multiple projects but I never seem to get anything done. I worked hard on finishing my NZ animal piece and found I really enjoyed seeing my progress. The same thing is happening with the Michael Powell piece I'm stitching. In just 2 weeks I've managed to finish more than 1/4 of it (it's solidly stitched). I'm getting such a feeling of accomplishment that I want to stitch all the time (hard when you have to work). I've done the rotation thing (stitched 10 hours on each project) and found I was getting frustrated when I switched projects even when I only had an hour or so to finish a project. so I'm turning over a new leaf and am going to start enjoying my stitching again!


Anonymous said...

I usually stitch on whatever I am desiring to stitch on. I like it when I do one project at a time but sometimes I am compelled to do more. When I have more than one project, I decide day to day what I feel up to. I never dictate to myself anything I "have" to work on. I'm glad you got your stitching mojo back and that you have a passion for your Michael Powell piece, I can't wait to see the progress...AND...can't wait to get together again for a stitching afternoon.

Beatrice said...

Good for you!!!
Stitching is a hobby and should ALWAYS be fun .
I don't put pressure on myself and Always work on the piece I want to that day.
I do have a few days set aside for rotation,but....What can I say...if I want to.
Your puppies are so good looking.

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that you have resolved your stitching dilemma!