Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost There!

Well, I've made considerable progress on my windmill since I last posted. I just have a little more of the sky left and then I can start on the backstitching. All the same color can get quite tedious but I've been doing it at night while watching TV. I no longer have to refer to the chart so I can concentrate on whatever I'm watching and it helps keep me from falling asleep. Sometimes when I'm really tired, I can even fall asleep while knitting but so far never while cross stitching. I plan on trying to finish the cross stitch part by tomorrow (we're on summer hours at the shop - closed on Mondays. Yeah!). Then it will probably take a couple of weeks to do all the backstitching. When this one is done, I plan on taking it and the other 2 Michael Powells I've finished to be framed. I'll probably use a black frame with some kind of mat. I have thought about a black mat with a gold metallic frame. We'll have to see when I get there.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

WOW, that is really coming along nicely. Keep up the wonderful work.

Beatrice said...

Oh My you are almost done...very nice. When you backstitch it will come to life in front of your eyes.
There is a new freebie on the MP website. Have a look I'm going to do it soon!

Sharon said...

Looks great.