Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's That Time Of The Year!

I'm sure you all know what time I mean. Why, it's Christmas, of course. As you can see the tree was put up the day after Thanksgiving. Sherrie insisted that it had to go up then so she actually did most of the work putting it together and decorating it. As we were hanging the ornaments, I got to thinking about them and realized that most of them are homemade. Now, that doesn't mean they are all cross stitch. There are the old fashioned felt ones with sequins. There's beads and sequins stuck in styrofoam. There's even a tiny nativity scene in an eggshell. I've done the cross stitch ones in the little round plastic frames that were so popular in the late '70's and 1980's. I've also done quite a few ornaments on perforated paper. Those are some of my favorites to finish. Cut them out, stick some felt on the back and voila! they're finished. But what's really important is the memories attached to them. Some I made before the kids were born and some when they were little. I have a set of six felt Santas that even now the kids fight over who gets to put them on the tree. Super Santas they always called them and to this day, when I see them, I have to smile. So my tree is not just full of ornaments; it's full of memories as well.