Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Progress

September 15, 2015
Well, I've made a bit more progress on the wedding sampler.  It's actually going faster than I thought it would.  I'm almost done with page one and am well into page 2.  But I've decided I will never again use sampler threads to stitch with when I'm stitching over one.  Even with using Thread Heaven, I'm having a terrible time with the thread knotting.  Did I mention I REALLY, REALLY hate using this thread?  It is going to be beautiful when it's done so it's just a matter of trying to get past the frustration of turning the piece over and discovering several knots way back in the center of the row.  It's too difficult to rip out that much and the knots are small so I've been leaving them.  I know, sacrilege!  But if I frogged them all, it would never get finished.  So I'm trying my best to make sure I catch them before I get too far. but that makes for slow going as well.  But knowing I'm stitching it for my beautiful daughter and her soon-to-be new husband makes it worth all the aggravation I'm feeling.

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Unknown said...

It looks wonderful so far! Don't worry about some tiny knots on the back- no one (besides you) will ever see them. I use knots sometimes- when I'm stitching with 1, or with blends, I'll make a knot at the end of my thread(s) and run it under some previous stitches to anchor the new thread on the reverse side. No one is wise to a less-than-perfect back when your piece is framed and hanging on the wall.