Thursday, May 18, 2017

I'm So Over This!

 I am so over winter.  These photos were taken today out my front and back doors.  It's the middle of May, not January.  I am so sick of snow.  I want my sunshine and my heat.  I want flowers and birds and bunnies.  I'm a hot weather kind of gal.  On Monday I was wearing shorts; today I'm out trying to save my trees from losing limbs due to the wet, heavy snow.  All I got for my efforts was big clumps of snow plopping down on my head.  I have been babying a rose bush in the back yard for almost three years now.  Last year it actually had buds before a tremendous hail storm stripped it of both its buds and leaves.  I had a stick bush for most of the summer.  Yesterday it actually had two blooms on it before all this heavy snow was dumped on it.  I know we need the moisture but rain works too.  Oh well, I think I'll go stitch something.

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