Sunday, October 21, 2007

Connecting With Others

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting and stitching with Teejay. She is a lovely person and an exquisite stitcher. Her finished pieces are absolutely beautiful. And she's so organized! I wish I could be half as organized as she is. She plans her stitching out so well and everything has it's own special place. Most of my stitched pieces go unfinished into a box (albeit an acid-free box) in my closet. I think it's the process of stitching that I like so well. I do have plenty of finished pieces (mostly seasonal). If I like a piece, I stitch it. I don't think about where it goes. I don't often think about how it finish or frame it. Maybe enjoying the process is why I have so many UFO's. Now I don't believe one way is better than another. I believe you need to stitch the way that makes you happiest. Isn't that why there's 30 different flavors? ;-) Personally I like chocolate!

Anyway it was great to meet Teejay and I'm looking forward to stitching with her again!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Bette, for the kind words. I, too, enjoyed myself and hope to make it a regular thing. I'm glad that no matter the differences in all of us stitchers, we can all enjoy each other and our works.

Beatrice said...

I just found your blog through TeeJay nice to meet you,
Nice works there I like your colors.

Bette said...

Thanks, Beatrice. I've been visiting your blog as well and you've have some lovely things shown. Thanks for your kind comments. I love colors and love palying with different combinations.