Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Playing With Color

I've been asked to post some of my color combinations that I've been playing with. Here are the three that I came up with to stitch some of the Needlemania designs I have in my stash. The yellow fabric is 25 ct Lugana with Jelly Bean thread from the Thread Gatherer. The red fabric is 32 ct Belfast matched with Palooza Fiesta also from Thread Gatherers. The blue is a 32ct linen from Permin (don't remember the actual name of the color). It's thread is an Impressions from Caron Collections called Sapphire. The problem with working at a LNS is I keep finding new combinations every day. And I want them all! I did come up with the combination which I'm going to use on the new Ink Circles design, Cirque des Triangles. It's a kelly green 22 ct Hardanger fabric and the thread is Calypso from Weeks Dye Works. Sorry to say the Snow Princess and her polar bear will just have to wait a bit longer. As soon as I finish CDC, I'll strat the new Cirque. And who knows when I'll get back to Gabe. I'm seriously thinking of sending him off to Ghost Stitchers and letting them finish him. Would that be cheating? ;-)


Miokka said...

Love the color combos! I think the blue or the yellow or the red is my favorite! {;^)Thanks for sharing. How in the world do you ever choose?? I have to get both patterns now... My current favorite fiber is Silk 'N Colors Mermaid Shimmer... I'm thinking on black.... or?? Any ideas??

Bette said...

Thanks, Martha. The red is my favorite but I really like the blue too. Still undecided about the yellow. I'm working today so I'll take a look at the Mermaid Shimmer. I'm not familiar with that color. And you know you can't go wrong with black. Just make sure to stretch your fabric really tight so you can see the threads easier. Love my Q-Snaps. ;-)

Bette said...

Martha, I looked at Mermaid Shimmer today. I can see why it's your favorite. It's absolutely gorgeous! And I think the black fabric will just make your design pop. I tried it on a few other colors and none of them did it justice. So I think you made a very good choice.