Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Dance With Me!!

I'm done, I'm done, I'm really done! I was happy dancing all over the family room last night. Well, let's just say I was happy hobbling around the family room. I've finished Cirque des Circles yesterday afternoon. I knew there was a good side to breaking my toes. It forced me to actually sit and stitch instead of finding all kinds of excuses not to. This is my first finish in almost 3 years. It feels so good to be stitching regularly again. For a while there, I doubted if I would get back to stitching again. I just needed something to inspire me to get working again. I'm really pleased too with the way this turned out. I really like the combination of thread and fabric. We even had a call from a LNS (not in our area) asking what we had used to stitch this. Apparently one of their customers was in our store visiting and wanted to do hers with the same colors. I wouldn't mind stitching this one again with a different combo but I've already started on Cirque des Triangles. I'll post that combo later this week when I have a little more done on it.
My toes seem to be healing fine. I can tell though when I've been on my feet too long. They get kinda sore. Hopefully I get to stop wearing the boot on the 20th. I feel like Igor in the monster movies and my son has called me Frankenstein a few times. Kids! Gotta love them!


Miokka said...

Confetti party! Good thing your toes a feeling better so you can clean it up!!!
Congratulations on the finish! It is beautiful!!! My LNS ordered the patterns for me so soon I will be starting too! You inspired me! Can't wait to see the progress on triangles!
Take care! Happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

I love it Bette! now comes the excitement of getting it framed. I am also considering doing cirque de triangles but not soon, I have way too much on my plate for now.

Bette said...

Thank you ladies, for your kind words. But it is you who have inspired me. I read your blogs and see what you've accomplished and stitched and it makes me want to stitch even more.

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your finish! Your CDC looks awesome :)