Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time Passes

I was thinking as we drove home from NAU today how quickly times passes. It seems like only yesterday that Sherrie was entering Kindergarten. Then there was high school and now she's a sophomore in college. She has grown into a strong, confident and beautiful young lady. She is not only our only daughter but also our youngest child. I know I shouldn't admit this but she is kinda special in my mind. Don't get me wrong. I love my boys as much as I do her. But there's a bond there that isn't with my sons. I love them all the same but differently. It's going to take a very special young man to catch her eye. She has just one major fault though. She doesn't like ANY kind of needlework. I should say she doesn't like doing any needlework. She has absconded with all the cat pictures and pillows I've done. I've only managed to keep one from her. I've tried knitting, cross stitch and sewing. Her friend tried to get her to crochet. She wouldn't have any of it. She loves music though. She is right now a choral music education major and thinking of adding a vocal performance major as well. She loves the idea of teaching on a high school level. She had 2 very fine choral teachers in high school and I think she wants to inspire young people as they inspired her. We had a wonderful visit at Thanksgiving and am looking forward to her longer Christmas break. Can you tell I miss her already?


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She is very beautiful, you are truly blessed. I feel the same way about my youngest, I think by the time she came that I was more patient with her and just savored each moment more, she is 15 now and growing apart from me. My kids don't like any kind of needlework either.