Sunday, December 16, 2007

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit!

Well, it appears that the Christmas spirit is finally showing its face around our house. Dave & Brian went to Flagstaff on Thursday to pick up Sherrie. Brian and I had gotten the tree together on Wednesday night (amidst a rather disasterous dinner-more on that later!). The lights went on Thursday afternoon and it was finally decorated on Friday morning. As you can see in the picture, Squeak thinks she is Guardian of the Tree. She's made herself quite a little bed with the tree skirt. So far no ornaments have been knocked off or broken (Rosie took care of that on Wednesday). Squeak loves to hide under there and ambush the dogs as they pass by. The lovely ornament seen in the 2nd picture is one I received from Tracy aka tajinaz36. It was such a lovely surprise. Thanks again, Tracy for thinking of me at the blessed time of the year.
Let's talk about Wednesday. My son called me at work and asked why I would lock the dogs in Sherrie's room. They must have been fussing over a rawhide bone and pushed the door shut by themselves. Well, they totally destroyed a full box of Kleenex, one of Bounce fabric softener and one of Sherrie's devotional books. It looked like a small snowstorm had hit in there. Brian, bless his heart, had it all cleaned up by the time I got home. Sherrie did have a new kitty ornament I had gotten her at Thanksgiving on her dresser and somehow it ended up on the bed with a leg pulled off. At dinner I decided to cook my chicken in the new convection oven. I didn't realize it would take longer than the jetstream oven I normally use. When we cut it open, it was only half cooked. So back into the jet stream it went. It kinda killed both Brian's and my appetite but we did manage to get a decent meal out of it. When we were cleaning up, I heard Brian shout in the kitchen for Rosie to drop it. She had stood up at the counter and grabbed the carcess and was dragging it across the kitchen floor. Well, she dropped it. I had to spend the next half hour on my knees cleaning up the mess. I was never so glad to see a day end as that one. Oh, in case you're wondering, Dave was able to repair the ornament and it hangs proudly on the tree.


Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful and such a cute cuddly lookin gkitty you have there. I am glad you like the ornament I got it at Mad Hatter.

Bette said...

I do love the Mad Hatter, Tracy. Just haven't been there in ages. I also like the Brass Armadillo. May have to spend some thime after the new year doing some antiqueing.