Sunday, December 2, 2007

CDC Framed!

Well, here it is. My first finished item in over 3 years. It's quite a relief to be able to say I finished something. As you can see, I kept the framing very simple. Just a plain dark green frame. I would have liked the framed to be wider but apparently the wider frame in that color has been discontinued. And It does have glass on it. I have a swamp cooler (another name for an evap cooler) that we use for most of of cooling needs (saves on air conditioning in all but July and August). It puts out a very fine white dust that sticks to everything. So I use glass to protect my work. I was really impressed with how straight the framer was able to stretch it. Having done some stretching myself, I know how difficult it can be. Anyway it's done and I'm pretty happy with it. I'll be taking it to work to display it for a while. Then home it comes.


Anonymous said...

Bette it's stunning! Congratulations on a finish, keep it up. Your new header is pretty too, love the southwest flavor of it.

Bette said...

Thanks, Tracy. Have wanted to do a new header for a long time and just mow found the time to play with it.

Miokka said...

Bette! Congratulations! Well done! I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
If you get tired of it hanging around, you can always send it to Flordia for the Winter! {;^)
Keep up the good work!

Sharon said...

This an absolutely gorgeous finish and framing! Congrats. Thank you too for your kind comments on my blog. Will definitely pop in on you from time to time!