Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun Day at the Zoo!

When we lived in Pennsylvania, Memorial Day was a really big day for our little village. The fireman had their carnival that weekend and their parade was on Saturday night. But the big day was always Monday. Boalsburg claimed to be the unofficial birthplace of Memorial Day. I know there's a town in New York which has the official designation but that's because they have written records to back their claims. Boalsburg has an oral tradition that goes back 2 years earlier but because they cannot come up with the written records to back them up, they can only claim be the unofficial birthplace of Memorial Day.
So what does this have to do with the zoo? Well, Dave and I decided to do something special, so we thought a trip to the Phoenix Zoo was in order. Now we've been to Tucson's Reid Park Zoo to visit Boris the polar bear quite often. And we really like the World Wildlife Zoo but we hadn't been to Phoenix in years. Sherrie decided to come with us (Brian had to work) and we were very pleasantly surprised. My major complaints about it in the past was that there was not enough water fountains and hardly any shade at all. Well, they must have added water fountains and the trees must have grown up quite a bit because it was rather pleasant there this time. Now I'm not sure I'd go in the middle of the summer, but the weather on Monday was perfect. I still think you can see the animals better at the other 2 zoos but we had lots of fun there. I think one of my favorite exhibits was Monkey Village. You actually get to walk in among the monkeys and get fairly up close to them. I've also posted pictures of my other 2 favorites, the otters and flamingoes. There's no polar bear and no penguins which are my all time favorite zoo animals. As long as I can visit them at the other zoos, I'm happy.
It also gave me a chance to try out Sherrie's camera. I've wanted a camera of my own for a while now and Dave wanted me to try hers out to see how I liked it. I liked it alot but I also wanted longer zoom length so when we came home, he ordered me the next model up. That should be here this week and I'll be able to take pictures any time I want without hauling out the bigger camera.
We left the zoo about noon and decided to stop at Fuddrucker's for lunch. Love those burgers!
Came home and did some stitching and relaxing. What a perfect day!

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Beatrice said...

You have been having a good time traveling I see. Thanks for sharing the photo's they are fun to see.
Zoo's can be very interesting!
Your M.Powell Windmill is one of my favorites by him. Maybe because I'm Dutch who knows? lol.
Your progress is great..very pretty!