Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've Got to Stop!

Ok, I just left my craft room and there's hardly room to turn around in. Now admittedly, a lot of the stuff that is currently residing in there is my daughter's stuff from college. So it's not totally my fault. But I do have to admit I have way too much stash. I have been taking patterns out of magazines that I want and getting rid of the rest of the magazine. That has emptied out about 2 drawers of the filing cabinet. Now I need to organize the loose patterns. The other file cabinet has 3 drawers full of patterns, leaflet and charts. For a while I was selling things on ebay but their fees have gotten so outrageous that I need to find another way to sell them. I have so many old patterns that I love but I know I'll never stitch them. I think it's time I got realistic about what I can do. I've moved them from Florida to Pennsylvania and finally to Arizona. I think it's time for them to find a permanent home with someone else. It's so hard though working in a shop. You want one of everything that comes in the door. Multiply it by 13 years of working and well... you get the picture. Not only do I have cross stitch stuff all over the place (in my craft room, the family room and the garage), I also have a yarn stash I started (again) 3 years ago when I went to work for this other shop after mine closed. They have yarn everywhere, some of it old and discontinued and some of it gorgeous and new. My yarn stash isn't yet so out of control. And the neat thing is that after years of protesting she'd never learn, Sherrie has started to knit. She is working for the summer at the same shop I'm working at, helping to organize their yarn shop. They told her if she was going to work there, she was going to learn to knit and, believe it or not, she has. And seems to be enjoying it. She's also been eyeing my yarn stash and pointing out the yarn she would like. Now if I can just get her interested in cross stitch. Anyway, I need to start being ruthless about what I buy and what I keep or soon there won't be any spare room in the house.


Sharon said...

I kind of know how you feel-for the first time in my 8 years of stitching-I am not chomping at the bit to buy everything-I seem to have so much! So how are you going to downsize?

Bette said...

Haven't quite got it all figured out yet, Sharon. Can't do too much while Sherrie's stuff is inhabiting the space.

karen said...

Hi Bette! I have the PERFECT solution for your stitching stash dilema, just send it to me! LOL I can make room for it all, really i can. LOL Hope your daughter keeps up with her knitting as well.