Friday, January 1, 2010

The Start Of A New Year

In keeping with my stitchy resolutions, this is the project that I'm trying to finish first. It's a kit from Maia for Don, my friend from work. He loves poppies and several people have needlepointed some for him which he has had made into pillows. This one, according to him, is going to be framed. Now, I'm not crazy about kits but this one is a quality one. Yes, it has aida cloth but I have no problem stitching on either aida or linen. All of the threads are Anchor which I prefer to DMC (although I use both). I'm really anxious to get this done. I love the colors. Red poppies are his favorite and I keep telling him it's really red. Hopefully now that our Christmas company is almost gone, I'll have more stitching time and can get this out rather quickly. Of course, I thought that about the China piece as well!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

So beautiful... I cannot wait to see updates.

Bronny said...

So vivid! I've got a poppy chart in my WIP list too - although I had intended for it to be given last year as a 'Christmas in July' gift - whoops! perhaps in 2010!
looking forward to seeing the finished item

Beatrice said...

That is so pretty..
I see you're going to do the Desert Mandela... I've started mine, that is my New Year Project..Let me know when you start yours Kathy started hers as well. I'm doing mine in the DMC an Kathy bought the thread pack.
So it will be interesting to see the different colours.
Happy New Year

Kathy A. said...

Hi Bette! Waving hello from Yuma.
I see Beatrice has been by. Started my Desert Mandala yesterday. Worked on it again today. Loving it!

Kathy A. said...

P.S. Your poppies is stunning.

Sharon said...

That is so gorgeous!