Sunday, August 8, 2010

10 Things I like

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about things I like. Now notice I didn't use the word love. I think that word can be so overused. I love ice cream. I love to read. I love flowers. Now do I really feel the same way about these things as I do about my family & friends? I don't think so. I love my God, my family, friends and my furbabies. So I decided to write about some of the things I like. And I'm gonna try real hard not to use the word love when talking about them. I've tried writing a gratitude journal but it felt artificial to keep saying saying thank you. Not that I'm not grateful for everything I've been blessed with, I just eventually couldn't think of anything new to be thankful for. So I've decided to think about things I like. I like a lot of things but to make it easy I thought I'd stick to 10 of them. So starting tomorrow I'm going to start blogging about things I like. They won't be in any particular order but just as I happen to be thinking about them. So join me tomorrow as I embark on my journey to discover what I like most.

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