Friday, August 27, 2010

My New Obsession!

I have a new obsession. I have always loved jewelry. I especially love vintage looking jewelry. Years ago I learned how to make seed bead earrings but most of what I've done has been self-taught. Well, my favorite bead store recently opened a branch just a mile from my house. So in the last two weeks I've taken 2 different classes. I really would like to learn how to make jewelry the correct way. First I took a bead stringing class. I made the pink bracelet you see here. I made it for myself but when Sherrie saw it, she asked if she could have it. Now she NEVER likes anything I wear. be it shoes, clothes, jewelry or my hair. So I figured if she wanted it, she must like it. A Lot. So I gave it to her and I figured I'd make myself another one. The class I took last night was wire wrapping and we made the earrings and pendant shown in the next picture. Now wire wrapping is a lot like hardanger. It may be easy to learn but you need to practice it in order to do it well. But I'm happy with the results and think more trips need to be made to the bead shop.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

They look wonderful!

Elaine said...

They are beautiful Bette. Good luck with your new hobby.