Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little More Progress

I just thought I'd post about the progress I've been making on the two pieces I seem to be spending the most time on. The one on the left is the one where I made the mistakes in the border. It seems to have worked out ok. All the flowers and the leaves fit and unless you look really close, you can't tell I messed up. The other one is my cross stitch hybrid. It's moving along quite fast. And I love the colors. Now I'll probably never really cross over to the dark side of needlepoint. But this makes a really nice break. And it's really fast (did I mention that already?). I've already pulled a few projects out to see what I'll start next but I do want to work on a UFO after these are done.

The organizing is coming along quite nicely. I'm on box 6 of 16. I'm making slow but steady progress. And it's such fun to pull things out I had forgotten I had. It's really stoking the fires to stitch more. Maybe I should do this more often.


Elaine said...

There both looking great Bette, love the bright colours in the hybrid!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Both are looking so beautiful.

I need to do some clean up and organizing in my area now as well.

Let me know if I need to come help you in your organizing. LOL (Just kidding lol but I will if you need me lol)

Anonymous said...

You are making nice progress! I wish I could get inspired to organize.

Always smiling said...

Blog hopped and found you! Looked at your stitching and you have some lovely work. I also looked at your weight loss journey and wow it is just like mine. One week a loss and one week not! Its a struggle is it not???
But I do hope you keep at it just like I am!
Happy Days
Chris x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Both WIPs are looking great love the primary colours in your cross stitch hybrid!