Monday, January 24, 2011

Making Progress

I just wanted to show the progress I'm making on my little cross stitch hybrid piece. I really, really like the way it's turning out. This style of pattern really lends itself to being stitched in needlepoint. And I love the threads I'm using. Now I wouldn't use them on a project that has a lot of different colors because it's too expensive for me to use it like that. But on something like this where there's less than 8-9 colors, it works just fine. Now I will never give up cross stitching in a normal fashion. But this is a lot of fun for a change of pace. As for my other stitching, the piece that I miscounted the border on is coming along nicely. Unless you know it's there, the mistake is very hard to spot. Opps, I gotta run. It seems my kitty also loves the thread I'm using and I keep having to rescue the piece from her hot little paws. Now she's after my scissor fob. Lord, save us from some very curious kitties!