Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Exchange

I recently participated in a Spring Exchange run by Lainey over at Lainey's Stitching House.  It was probably the best run exchange I've ever been in so kudos to Lainey for doing such a great job.  My exchange partner was Sue (  I received a lovely package with some very pretty threads, a lilac candle, some bath fizzies (which I can't wait to use) a notepad and a cute little box of spring tissues.  And of course, before I forget, a lovely stitched cube.  It's a Lizzie Kate pattern called Bloom.  It's my first cube ever and I'm really pleased with it.  Sue did a wonderful job in finishing it.  It's currently residing on my dining room buffet where everyone can admire it. 
This last picture is what I sent to Sue.  Great minds think alike cause I sent her a Lizzie Kate piece as well.  Mine is called Happy Spring from Lizzie Kate's pattern called Spring Things.  The finishing was a flat fold done by Karen over at Stitching and Sharing.  Karen does a wonderful job and I can highly recommend her to anyone who needs finishing done.  This was a great experience and was a fun way to share our love for stitching with someone new.

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Pointed Stitcher said...

Bette- I loved every single thing you sent me. Your stitching is so beautiful and I love the pattern and linen and threads, like I said I loved everything!! Thanks for making this such a fun exchange.