Monday, September 5, 2011

My Newest Obsession!

Now I haven't been stitching as much lately as I normally would but there's a good reason.  You see, I have become obsessed with making my own jewelry.  I've always loved shiny things (I must have been a crow in a previous life) and ever since a new bead store opened up about a mile from my house, I've been busy taking classes and making jewelry.  These are some of the pieces I've made recently.  This set is actually peach but it doesn't show that well in the photo.  It's wire crochet done with copper wire.  The necklace is one of my favorites.
 The above pieces are chain maille.  It's so simple.  All you do is link rings together.  Now some of the patterns can get very intricate but I'm not there yet.  But I plan on doing much more with this technique. 

 These two bracelets are kind of orphans since they are the only two of their kind that I've made so far.  The one on the left is a flower garden braclet.  I have some of the cutest monkey beads that I plan on using in another one of this type.  The other is much more peach than it looks.  It's done with a right angle weave and I also have the beads to do another one using that technique.
 These two pieces are a spiral weave called a DNA weave.  Guess why?  I enjoy this style but I don't wear it at work too often since it feels funny when I'm on the computer.  It's a little too round to work on a keyboard.  But I love the look.

These two braclets on the right are flat spiral weaves.  One thing I did learn in this class is NEVER use a lobster claw clasp on a bracelet.  It is impossible to fasten by yourself.  But the class is to teach you how to do all kinds of clasps so they had to throw it in.  Never again!

Well, I just thought I'd show you all what else I have been doing with my spare time.  I love beads and crystals and rocks and rings and just about everything you can think of to put in jewelry.  Except lobster claw clasps. 


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Sharon said...

They are very pretty!

Lynn said...

Beautiful pieces.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Beautiful beading :) Especially love your first set - all those peachy ambers, so elegant and pretty - and your red flat spiral weave bracelet which - so festive for the holidays!