Sunday, January 8, 2012


This was my last finish for 2011.  It's the one I did for Sherrie for her classroom.  I thought I'd post a picture of it all framed up.  Sherrie worked with my framer and made suggestions which Chris was able to follow.  All I did was suggest a shiny black frame.  I thought that would make it more like a piece in a classroom.  Chris does a wonderful job of framing and Sherrie seems really happy with this one.  In fact, I showed her a couple of others that I had been thinking of doing for her and she decided to have me stitch them.  This is a big accomplishment.  Normally when I show her something I've stitched, she politely tells me it's nice.  Unless it has a cat in it.  Then it automatically becomes hers.  This is one of the few times that she has actually requested me to stitch something for her.  So those two will be going in my stack of things to stitch this year.


Jules said...

Very cute! I have a few people who have requested that I stitch something for them. They have even went so far as to purchase the charts for me (of course, I have to provide the rest ~ kinda seems unfair, but it's alright).

Meari said...