Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Organization

I have been trying to finish organizing my craft room for about 2 years now.  I've basically been happy with it but one thing I wasn't crazy about was my bead/jewelry organization.  I had an old microwave cart with my tackle boxes on a shelf  and a bunch of photo organizer boxes on top but it still was very hard to find what I was looking for.  So I got to snooping on the Internet and found what I think is the perfect solution.  The top picture is a scrapbook organizer cart.  Now I love drawers to store things in and it has 20 of them and holds all my supplies except for what is already in the tackle boxes.  It's so easy to go find what I'm looking for now.  And the room looks so much more neater.  The tackle boxes will be moved into their corner once I put the rest of the beads (which are now in the black box on top of them) in them.  Then I plan on using the black boxes to store my DMC floss in.  My DMC boxes are in pretty bad shape and need replacing so I thought I'd use what I already have.  The second picture is my Ikea storage for all my cross stitching.  I have all my kits and supplies in the baskets and everything that is in a particular basket is on an index card in a file box on top.  That way if I'm looking for a certain project, I can find the index card and know exactly what basket it's in.  That was last year's organizing project.  All of my fabric is in a plastic chest in the closet.  Give me a couple more years and I might finish this project.

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