Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never Second Guess Yourself

Now I know I've been complaining a lot lately about Quaker Gone Tropic.  And now I finally realized why.  When I originally kitted this up, I had a whole 'nother thread picked out for the large motif at the top.  It was a beautiful bright orange.  I thought it would be perfect for something with the word tropic in its name.  But when I saw what others in the SAL had planned, I decided to tone things done a bit.  Well, frankly, this is a lovely color, but in mind's eye, it's rather boring.  I decided I needed a color to pop so I traded in the green for one that is almost florescent in tone.  I'm much happier with the green but now I'm very dissatisfied with the color of the large motif.  I would have liked the orange so much better.  I always tell my customers that your first instinct is probably the right one. Why didn't I listen to myself?  I certainly don't plan on ripping the motif out (AGAIN!) so it's gonna stay just the way it is.  The moral of this tale is never try to second guess yourself.  Most of the time you'll probably get it wrong.


Catherine said...

I think it looks lovely, but I am sure that an orange would pop with that green!

Kathy A. said...

I love the purple but then I'm a big fan of that color. I think once you make more progress you will be happier with your color choice.