Sunday, July 1, 2012

Holiday Stitching

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

It's time for another Blog Hop.  I think it's a very interesting question.

Do you find yourself stitching seasonally or do you just stitch what moves you at the moment? What’s your favorite holiday or season to stitch for?

In the past, I have stitched ornaments, stockings and gifts for my family.  I do try to start in the summer because I hate to feel rushed when I'm stitching something.  Last year I made a cute picture for my daughter to commemorate her first year of teaching.  I guess it took me about 3 months to complete.  I gave it to her unframed because I wanted her to pick out the framing.  I don't stitch for Halloween.  I do love Thanksgiving and have stitched a lot of turkeys and pumpkins.  I have a few 4th of July items.  I do try to change up my decor to coincide with the holidays but I haven't been so successful at that lately.  This year I won't be doing any holiday stitching.  My son and his wife are having their first baby (my first grandchild) and I'm stitching them a baby sampler.  I found the perfect one and am just waiting for it to be delivered from England.  I'm also knitting a baby afghan for the little one.  So, no, this year is the year of the baby for this stitcher.  

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Kasey said...

Yay! Congrats on the first grandbaby!! How exciting!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm not much for seasonal stitching either... especially for shrot seasons why put all that time and effort into a piece to have it hang for such a sort time?

Meari said...

Usually, the only seasonal things I stitch are Christmas ornaments. I do have a patriotic piece I did decades ago. I recently bought a stocking kit, so I'll have to start that one!