Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Thing I like

I love daisies.  I have always loved daisies.  Oh, I know there's been times when I might have thought some other flowers were my favorite.  Like roses.  Everyone likes roses.  Aren't they supposed to be the queen of the garden?  So I went through a period when roses were my favorites.  I'm even considering planting roses along my back wall.  But they'll never have the place in my heart that daisies are occupying.  Deep down I never gave up the lowly daisy for the queenly rose.  They're so sweet and fresh and innocent.  Daisies were my wedding flower and even now for all special occasions, I still get my daisies.  Besides what other flower can tell you for certain if he loves you or not?  So I'm gonna take a moment and stop and smell the daisies today.  No mores roses for this gal.  I'm Team Daisy all the way.

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