Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Wedding Sampler

Well, here we are another month has gone by and I've neglected my poor blog.  I really need to schedule a time every week and just make it a priority.  Maybe that will allow me to post more often.

I have started another project.  This one is a wedding sampler for my daughter.  I let her choose from a number of different samplers and she chose this one.
1st Corinthians 13 by My Big Toe
This is 1st Corinthians 13 by My Big Toes Design.   It is so special to me because this was the Bible reading Dave & I had at our wedding 36 years ago.  My plan is to lengthen the border on the bottom and add their names and date of their wedding.  I'm working the border as I go so as to not have a disaster at the end if they don't meet.  I am stitching it over 1 on 28 count ivory lugana with Gentle Arts threads.  Hate these threads for stitching over one.  Should have tried to find an equivalent color in Threadworx.  They are much easier to use than the sampler threads.  But this is what she wanted and like a good mom, I'm going to make it her way even if it kills me.  I have already frogged it several times.  Oh, the things we do for our kids.  Here is my progress as of yesterday.
I promised her I would have it done by their wedding which is June 11, 2016.  I should make it as long as I don't have to frog too often.

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