Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Brand New Beginning

Okay I know I said this last year but I really do want to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  I have no excuse why I didn't get into it last year.  But I can honestly say that my attitude has done a 180 turnaround.  In the last few years my cross stitch/needlework/knitting/crochet/beadwork mojo has just disappeared.  Oh, I kept plugging on, I just didn't have the passion for it that I have had in years past.  But for some reason, I have begun this year with a renewed sense of what I want to accomplish.  I've made goals for my crafts and have a plan in place to actually finish more than one piece.  I've already finished a baby blanket that I was working on.  I did make and finish in time for Christmas 3 afghans for my grandkiddies.  I also finished a year-long SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin called In The Jungle.  There was a different animal for each month and I actually finished it on New Year's Eve.  Okay, I pushed it a little there but I did finish it in 2018.  I didn't sign up for this year's stitch along because I have at least 3 of their patterns that I want to stitch so I didn't feel it necessary to add to the pile I have waiting for me.
In the Jungle
The Frosted Pumpkin

Speaking of piles, I have also been reducing the size of my stash.  There is only so much storage room in the basement so I'm passing on a lot of stuff.  I'll tell you more about that later.

It really feels good to be blogging once again.  There's so much stuff I've missed in the last few years.  So if you want to hear about my stitching, my knitting/crocheting or just my everyday life, please join me on my blogging journey.  

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