Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Wayback Wednesday

This Wayback Wednesday post is related to last week's.  Remember how I mentioned I was cleaning out an old jewelry box and found the old Online Stitchers pin?  I also found this gem in there.  I used to go to the cross stitch festivals that were held in the early 90's and a group of us decided to make name badges for ourselves.  They were supposed to depict things that were important in our lives.  So I designed this name badge and stitched on it all the little things in my life that made me happy (okay, maybe not all the things but let's face it, it's a small badge).  The little kitty is my gray tabby, Tiffany, the dog represents Sam & Lady, our two loveable mutts, and I used to have an aquarium, hence the fish.  I also loved reading (still do) and of course, cross stitching.  I lived in Central Pennsylvania at the time so I had to include the little map of the state and the name of the town I lived in.   And let's not forget the little Prodigy symbol stuck up in the corner.  The fun thing about this badge is that I designed all the motifs myself except for the cat and I'm really kind of proud as to how it turned it.  It's stitched on perforated plastic (I figured it would hold up better and boy, was I right!) with DMC floss.  So this is just a little bit of nostalgia that's going back into storage.  But it was fun reminiscing about the past.