Friday, June 1, 2012

Goals? What Are Those??

Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

Do you set stitching goals for yourself and how do you plan them out? (Weekly, monthly, annually?) What are your current stitching goals (if you don’t mind sharing)?
In addition to setting goals for yourself, do you have a special reward that you reserve for when you reach a stitching goal?

This is the question of the day.  Do I set goals for my stitching and if so do I reward myself for reaching those goals?  To be perfectly honest, the only time I set goals is if I am stitching a gift for a specific occasion.  For instance, Christmas or birthdays.  One time, my cousin's daughter was getting married and DH suggested I stitch them a wedding sampler.  Well, my deadline was 2 weeks so I told him I would do it only if he agreed to do everything else around the house.  Well, he agreed and the sampler was finished in time to have it framed and mailed and sent off to the wedding.  I wouldn't make a habit of that though.  I do find if I put goals out in front of me that I begin to resent the time I'm spending on that piece.  I'll find any excuse not to do it.  So I generally don't make goals for myself.

As far as rewards go, I don't usually do that either.  I don't know why I just never considered rewarding myself for doing what I love to do.  Now I do use cross stitch as a reward.  If I get my chores done, then I can sit down and stitch to my heart's content.  So I guess in that sense, I do reward myself.  Just not for stitching.   

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Handmade Redhead said...

The new grandkitty is adorable. :)

I dont think I even answered about rewards. They never dawn on me as I use stitching as a reward for my daily life anyway. :)

Loretta Oliver said...

No harm in having a reward for the reward ;-) Stitching is the reward for getting other things done.....l candy is the reward for enjoying your stitching! LOL

Claudette497 said...

I guess stitching is my reward for getting home in one piece, lol, I can't imagine rewarding myself for doing it!

Shaunterria Owens said...

Anything that makes you not want to stitch is something you don't need...and if you are stitching anyway, why mess up your mojo? Stitching is supposed to be enjoyable and last thing anyone needs is to turn it into a chore. :)