Monday, June 18, 2012


Okay, here is my update for Quaker Gone Tropic for this week.  Now it looks like I did get more than usual done this week.  Well, guess what?  The entire boat has to be frogged!  Oh, I think I can salvage the top 5 rows but the rest has to come out.  See, I'm not just 1 or 2 stitches off.  And I'm not just 1 or 2 rows off.  I could live with that.  No, I'm 6, yes, you heard that right, 6 rows off!!!  I suppose I could just fudge it, but I would have to really adjust the other side of the sail, which I haven't even started yet.  And that is more of an undertaking than I wish to start.  So it has to come out.  And lest we forget, it's over 1 which makes it even harder to frog.  So when I finished banging my head against the nearest wall, I decided to frog it in stages.  2 - 3 rows at a time.  That way it won't seem so overwhelming.  I'll start on another section of the chart so I don't fall too far behind on this one.  I was hoping to get this one finished before too long cause I want to start on stuff for my new grandbaby (and that's a whole nother post).

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Bette that just sucks!!!