Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Progress Report

I've made some more progress on my Purrfect Pals chart.  Except for the backstitching, the kitty is done.  I think I'm going to backstitch as I go along.  That will make the furbabies come alive as I'm stitching them.  I've also started on the snowman (well, an arm is started).

I did do one thing that I hadn't anticipated.  I was using both DMC and Anchor floss since I couldn't locate all my colors after the move.  So I used an DMC and an Anchor color in the sky.  Little did I realize that they are substitutes for each other!  Agghh! Guess what?  I'm leaving it in.  The real colors are so close to each other that it's not worth my time to frog it.

I'm having such fun stitching this.  And I'm so glad my mojo has come back.  I've missed not stitching!

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