Sunday, May 10, 2015

Oh Come On!!

My Front Yard
This is Mother's Day, right?  Almost the middle of May?  Well, the weather here in Colorado sure isn't cooperating.  Yesterday we had 6-8 inches of wet, heavy snow.  That was on top of a torrential downpour earlier in the day.  As you can see, the trees took the brunt of the snow.  So many branches are laying on the ground, some still attached to the trees, some not so much.  By this afternoon the snow was mostly gone, but the damage had been done.  The tree in the front yard came back.  Our neighbor wasn't so lucky.  His tree is still in his neighbor's yard.  The tree shown in the backyard lost a lot of large branches.  Now there's a big pile of branches in the backyard that Dave sawed off the tree.  And the flowers!  My irises were just beginning to bloom and now they're all broken and battered.  I had so been looking forward to having fresh cut flowers in the house this spring.  But I guess Mother Nature had other ideas.  Honestly, I'm done with the snow and winter in general.  I now thoroughly understand how people become snowbirds.

Some of my backyard trees


Catherine said...

Oh yuck!! Hope you find some sunshiny spring weather soon!

rosey175 said...

Oh my! It's very beautiful but I think that you guys are definitely due for a real spring. Just in time for summer!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oh yuck! I saw this morning that Western Canada is getting snow too!