Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Finally Got My Mojo Back!

I love these guys!
After more than a year, I have finally gotten my stitching mojo back!  With everything pertaining to our move last year, I just haven't felt like stitching.  So today I was off work and decided to spend the day stitching.  I haven't done that in years. There has always been something else that I had to do or got caught up in.  Electronic toys are the worst.  So as soon as my chores were finished this morning I sat down to stitch and will probably stitch some more this afternoon.

The piece I'm working on (aside from my granddaughter's birth sampler which I can't show cause I'm hoping it will be a surprise) is one from Cross Stitch Quick & Easy from Great Britain.  I'm so sorry this magazine is no longer in publication.  I used to love getting it and spending the day reading it cause I knew there would always be several patterns in it that I just had to stitch.  This is one of those charts.  In fact, I originally subscribed to the magazine because of it.  I had seen in it a later copy of the magazine and it just spoke to my heart.  It's from the DMC Purrfect Pets line that supported animal rescue organizations in Great Britain.  I'm not even sure you can get their patterns any more.  I know they have a few kits available but sadly no more charts.  I got up early in the morning in Arizona just to call Great Britain (at the time there was no way to order an online subscription) and ordered the magazine.  I also decided that I had to subscribe to it as well.  It's been sitting in my stash for about 10 years now but I never forgot about it.

This year I decided I would stitch up several charts that I had been wanting to stitch for a long while.  The first one that jumped on the list was this one.  I dug out a piece of white 28 count lugana from my stash and gathered the threads.  I'm stitching with a mixture of DMC and Anchor.  It's been fun because you'll use half stitches as well as full cross stitches and backstitch and it seems to be stitching up rather quickly.  Here's my progress as of today.
That's a cat sitting on top of the snowman's head.  One thing I do have to remember is that the chart is printed on 2 pages.  Only the 15 stitches on the left hand side are on another chart.  That's why there's a missing stitch (well, it's not really missing, it's going to be a snowflake) on the left edge.  I forgot to read the other page!  I figure it's the sky and a snowflake so no harm was done.  But I will be more careful in the future.  

I'm so glad my desire to stitch has come back.  There are so many things I want to do now.  Not the least of which are a couple of birth samplers and my daughter's college graduation sampler.  

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Blu said...

I'm so happy for you that your mojo is back!
The snowman and puppies look adorable.